Program overview

Digital Photo Cataloger (DPCat) is a photo catalog program (digital asset manager), that makes it easy to browse and search for any image file, even if it's located on a CD, DVD, an external hard drive, or any other disk media.

To achieve this, you must first create a catalog that contains information and thumbnails of all the images on the cataloged disk.

Later, instead of individually swapping and searching all your disks, you can locate files on all cataloged disks, in one pass, with a single mouse click. An operation that used to take forever can now be done in a few seconds.

Important: Cataloging your digital photos with DPCat will NOT modify or move the original image files.

DPCat is suitable for both amateurs and professional photographers that would rather spend their time shooting great photos than struggling in front of their computer.

Autumn. Photo by Jarle Aasland

Philosopy and background

DPCat has been made by photographers, for photographers.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to catalog and find your digital photos. We have used many of the most popular photo management tools ourselves, but often found them to be too difficult, too slow, too unstable, or too cumbersome to work with.

Unlike some photo catalog/image management programs, DPCat is designed for ordinary users with ordinary needs. This program does not include a ton of needless and unwanted features that you'll never use.

A decade ago, No Nonsense Software developed and released SuperCat, an extremely fast and powerful disk cataloging utility for Windows. SuperCat is still one of the fastest (probably the fastest) and most popular disk cataloging programs available. Needless to say, DPCat includes many of the best features from SuperCat. Again, we've chosen a no-nonsense approach, making DPCat easier to use than most other photo cataloging programs.

There's no perfect tool for everyone. DPCat doesn't do everything (you'll find plenty of programs with more features), but what it does it does very well. We suggest that you download the free trial version and see for yourself. There's a good chance that DPCat is the tool you've been looking for.

Find your digital photos. Anytime. Anywhere.

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